Acquisent Makes New Account Acquisitions Seamless

Acquisent helps cybersecurity, IT and SaaS organizations generate enterprise sales opportunities through its 5-step Account-Based Marketing System. Our purpose is to help our customers generate dramatic pipeline growth and acquire new client accounts seamlessly. We're specialists in ABM and in select industries, that's why we guarantee 10% conversions to opportunities. 

Why Acquisent?

  • We are the only marketing agency 100% dedicated to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs (we do not sell add-on services like PPC, SEO, SMM, etc.).

  • Our niche is the Information Technology (MSPs and SaaS) and Cybersecurity verticals.

  • We are experts at targeting and engaging hard to reach decision-makers and influencers at enterprise accounts.

We act as an extension of your team by providing sought-after marketing expertise in IT and cybersecurity at a fraction of the cost.

How We Generate Enterprise Leads with ABM


Acquisent's Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Founders, executives, investors, sales and marketing leaders bring us on when they want to dramatically reduce lengthy sales cycle times or they're frustrated with declining or stagnant sales growth. Our team will unlock the hidden sales potential in your company with our systematic approach of:

Personification - Acquisent interviews your top 40 customers to research and understand how your customers think and buy by uncovering their emotional triggers. Acquisent will then map out Decision Maker, Influencer and User personas along with Ideal Target Organizations to generate targeted campaigns.

Storytelling - Acquisent will craft unique selling propositions catered to specific personas so that your ABM campaign will remain hyper-personalized.

Repurposing - Acquisent will create unique sets of marketing content and segmented to each persona to deliver a uniquely targeted experience to prospects.

Precision Targeting - Acquisent has developed unique process for targeting key accounts based on technographic and psychographic data.


In the Precision Targeting phase, Acquisent will select 50 target accounts, with 3 different stakeholders per account to target in your persona-specific campaign.

Acquisent combines the psychographic data from the Personification phase with its technographic data collection to deliver 10% conversions on your ABM.

Attack - Acquisent will deploy its persona specific ABM strategy along your marketing and sales teams to seamlessly penetrate key enterprise accounts. 

Acquisent delivers 10% conversions or we return 20% of your cost with us. Our goal is to make new account acquisition seamless and fun.